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Hdd 096

Wilderness Hike

Sosha loves hiking, but hates having to go pee in the woods. Her solution? A diaper! Watch Sosha in this video as she explains why she hates to pee in the woods and prefers to use diapers instead. We then get to follow her on a short hike and watch as she pees in her diaper.

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Hdd 095

Public Change

Watch Sosha change her wet diaper in a public bathroom in this video. In this video Sosha brings us into a public bathroom with her as she changes her diaper. We get to watch as she takes off her pants and wet diaper. She then puts on a fresh diaper and her jeans before leaving the bathroom.

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Hdd Gallery032

Photos- Pullups in the Bedroom

This photo set features Sosha in the bedroom wearing a pull-up. Check Sosha out as she hangs out in the bedroom in her diaper. She poses for the camera, proud to show off her cute pull-up. We get to enjoy seeing Sosha in her diaper from various poses and angles. The images shown here are just some of the pictures …

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Hdd 094

Diapered Gamer

Here is a video gamers will relate to- Sosha is playing a video game and needs to pee. Like many gamers, Sosha hates to pause her game for such pesky things like a bathroom break. So she comes up with an interesting solution, a diaper! In this video we get to watch Sosha as she plays a video game while …

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Hdd 093

Emergency Car Diaper

Desperate to pee in the car and with no where to stop, Sosha is forced to pee in a diaper in this video. Recorded by Sosha herself as she rides in the car, she is desperate to pee. We get to watch as she squirms in agony, desperate to empty her full bladder. Suddenly she has an epiphany- There is …

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Vid 092

Pee and Pleasure

In this video Sosha pees in her pullup before masturbating in the wet diaper. We start this video by joining Sosha in the bedroom. She is wearing a cute pullup style diaper and a tank top. As we watch she pulls down the diaper, then pees into it. This way we can clearly see her pee stream as she soaks …

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Hdd Gallery031

Photos- Forest Diapers

We headed off into the wilderness for this photo set. Wanting to do something a bit different for these pictures, we headed off into the forest. Surrounded by dense foliage and old growth pine trees Sosha shows off her diaper for the camera. At the start of the photo set she is only showing off a few glimpses of the …

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Hdd 091

Diapered Romance

Alisha and Sosha enjoy some nice, romantic leisure time together in this video. Wearing diapers Sosha and Alisha are relaxing together on the sofa. As we watch they cuddle and make out.

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Hdd 090

Solo Diaper Fun

Join Alisha in the bedroom as she masturbates in her diaper in this video. We start out with Alisha sitting on the bed in her diaper. She is very horny and happy to let us watch her masturbate. As we watch she rubs herself in her diaper, eventually having an intense orgasm.

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Hdd 089

Helping Sosha Change

In this video Sosha is in a Soaked diaper and Alisha helps her change. We get to watch as Alisha helps Sosha out of her wet diaper. Alisha then opens up a package of baby-wipes and carefully wipes Sosha clean. Next Alisha applies a bit of baby powder before helping Sosha back into a fresh, dry diaper.

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