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Hdd Gallery038

Photos- Tabbed Diaper

In this photo set Alisha shows off her tabbed diaper for the camera. Check out Alisha in these photos as she poses wearing a bulky adult diaper and a bra. This is a real diaper with tabs she is wearing- Not a pullup. We get several poses of Alisha in this photo set as she shows off her diaper from …

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Hdd 111

Pullup Bondage

Tied to the bed, Alisha pees in her pullup in this video. We join Alisha as she is tied to the bed, wearing nothing but a pullup style diaper. It is clear she is desperate to pee. We get to watch as she frantically squirms around, trying not to pee in her diaper. After a while she can’t hold it …

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Hdd 110

Leaky Pullup Desperation

Check out Alisha in this video as she dances around in her pullup, desperate to pee. Unable to hold it any longer she goes in her pullup, but it overflows. In this video you get to watch Alisha as she wears a pullup. It is a cute pullup made for children who wet the bed. Watching Alisha it is clear …

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Hdd Gallery037

Photos- Well Padded Diaper

Check out Alisha in this photo set as she poses in nothing but a bulky, well padded, tabbed diaper. Many of you have been requesting more content with Alisha in a traditional tabbed style diaper. We are happy to oblige. In this photo set Alisha poses for the camera wearing nothing but an extremely absorbent diaper. The images shown here …

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Hdd 109

Masturbating on the Sofa

Alisha masturbates in a very large, bulky adult diaper in this video. We get to watch Alisha as she engages in some very personal, and pleasurable, activities. It is clear from when she first walks into the room she is wearing a diaper under her blue leggings. The padding is too think to hide. She lays down on the sofa …

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Hdd 108

Inside Out Diaper

What happens when a girl puts a diaper on inside out and pees in it? The results are pretty messy, as Alisha discovers in this video. The original plan for this video had nothing to do with wearing a diaper inside out. What was supposed to happen is that Alisha would wear her panties under her diaper when she peed. …

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Hdd 107

Tabbed Diaper Masturbation

Alisha gets so horny when she wears a diaper that she has to masturbate. Alisha really does love to wear diapers. Wearing them makes her very horny. In this video she is wearing a tabbed diaper on her bed and nothing else. We get to watch in this completely unedited video as she masturbates in her diaper.

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Hdd 106

Diapered Yoga

Yoga in a diaper? Why not? In this video we get to watch Alisha as she does some basic yoga poses. I guess she decided to wear a diaper just in case she needed to pee during her exercises.

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Hdd 105

Trapped in a Diaper

Alisha is trapped, needs to pee, and is only wearing a diaper in this video. With her arms wrapped around an interior column and her wrists zip tied together Alisha is completely trapped. She is desperate to pee, but there is no escape. She is wearing an adult diaper. However, she is still frantically trying to avoid the shame of …

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Hdd 104

Alisha Changes Herself

Alisha changes her own diaper in this video. We get to watch Alisha in this completely unedited video as she goes through the entire changing process. First she removes her old diaper. Then she wipes herself clean and applies a bit of baby powder. Then she puts on a new, clean diaper before getting up.

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