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Hdd 123

Public Bathroom Change

Watch Alisha change her pull-up in a public bathroom in this video. In a previous video we got to watch as Alisha peed in her pull-up style diaper in a public bathroom. Now, with a wet diaper on it is time to change. As we watch she takes off her wet diaper and puts on a nice clean, dry pull-up. …

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Hdd 122

Changing POV

See what it is like to change Alisha’s diaper in this first person point-of-view video. For this video we had our production assistant change Alisha’s diaper with a camera strapped to her head. The result is this first person perspective, giving you a front row seat for what it is like to change Alisha. 15 second preview:

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Hdd Gallery042

Photos- Showing Off Her Pull-up

In this lovely photo set with Alisha she is proud to show off her pull-up. We start off this photo set with Alisha posing in her pull-up style diaper and a black sleeveless shirt. As we move through the pictures she takes her top off. Eventually we end up with Alisha wearing absolutely nothing but her diaper, and she looks …

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Hdd 121

Public Bathroom Pull-up

Watch Alisha pee in her pull-up in a public bathroom in this video. We join Alisha in a public bathroom in this video. She is wearing a very cute pull-up and showing it off for the camera. Needing to pee, she has a choice to make- Should she pee in the toilet or in her diaper? Alisha decides the most …

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Hdd 120

Nikko Changes Alisha

Nikko changes Alisha’s wet diaper in this video. We get to watch as Nikko does a very thorough job changing Alisha’s soaked diaper. It is clear from Nikko’s actions that she is very much enjoying changing Alisha, but who wouldn’t be enjoying it? After removing Alisha’s used soaking wet diaper Nikko carefully wipes her clean, making sure to do a …

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Hdd Gallery041

Photos- Together in Pull-ups

Nikko and Alisha pose together in their pull-ups in this photo set. For this series of pictures we have both Alisha and Nikko together. They are wearing only their pull-ups and nothing else. Standing together in the living room they pose for the camera. The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image set. They are …

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Hdd 119

Hiking in Diapers

Alisha and Nikko are out for a hike when Nikko needs to pee. Good thing she is wearing a diaper! Going out for a short hike on a chilly morning Nikko is struck by an overwhelming need to pee. After expressing her need for a bathroom to Alisha, Alisha reveals that not only is she wearing a diaper but she …

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Hdd 118

Nikko’s Leaky Pullup

Nikko’s pullup overflows into her jeans, so Alisha decides that Nikko needs to go back to regular diapers. The video opens as Alisha is sitting on the sofa reading a book. Embarrassed, Nikko creeps into the room with wet jeans. She tells Alisha that she drank too much soda and that her pullup overflowed, wetting her pants. Alisha decides that …

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Hdd 117

Lesbians in Pullups

Watch Alisha and Nikko have some kinky girl on girl fun in this video. Nikko and Alisha hop into bed together and begin to make out. It isn’t long before they are undressing each other. As their clothes come off it is revealed they are both wearing pullups. With all of their clothes now off, except for their pullups, we …

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Hdd Gallery040

Photos- Bathroom Pullup Selfies

Here is another amazing photo set from Alisha. For these photos she heads into the bathroom with her camera and gives us a series of selfies while she is wearing a pullup. The photos start out with Alisha fully dressed. As we move through the photos though she takes off her clothes, eventually getting down to the point she is …

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