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Hdd 090

Solo Diaper Fun

Join Alisha in the bedroom as she masturbates in her diaper in this video. We start out with Alisha sitting on the bed in her diaper. She is very horny and happy to let us watch her masturbate. As we watch she rubs herself in her diaper, eventually having an intense orgasm.

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Hdd 089

Helping Sosha Change

In this video Sosha is in a Soaked diaper and Alisha helps her change. We get to watch as Alisha helps Sosha out of her wet diaper. Alisha then opens up a package of baby-wipes and carefully wipes Sosha clean. Next Alisha applies a bit of baby powder before helping Sosha back into a fresh, dry diaper.

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Hdd 088

Lesbian Diaper Fun

Alisha and Sosha love to get frisky together in bed. The only thing that makes their fun time even better? Diapers! In this video we get to watch Sosha and Alisha as they thoroughly enjoy each other in bed. Wearing nothing but adult diapers they passionately make out and grope each other. The camera moves around, giving you various angles …

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Hdd 087

Alisha’s Diaper Leaks

This video features Alisha overflowing her adult diaper. Alisha is wearing a very cute pair of denim overalls and an adult diaper. She really needs to pee and is pretty confident that if she lets it all go she can get her diaper to leak. As we watch she intentionally lets go, saturating her diaper. And she is right! Her …

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Hdd 086

Diapered Seduction

For this video Carly was instructed to be seductive with her diaper. You get to watch as Carly attempts to seduce you. She teases you, flashing her diaper at you, and eventually taking her pants off. She even goes as far as to pull the diaper down a bit to give you a look at her shaved pussy.

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Hdd Gallery030

Photos- Showing Off Her Diaper

Carly really likes showing off her adult diaper. In this photo set Carly undresses, eventually getting down to only her diaper. You get to check her out in various poses as she shows off her diaper for you. The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image set. They are presented here for sample purposes only. …

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Hdd 085

Diaper Voyeur

Spy on Carly as she has fun in a diaper in this hidden camera style video. A small, discreetly hidden camera, captures Carly as she has some fun in her diaper. We get to watch as she puts on her adult diaper and masturbates.

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Hdd 084

Leaking in Jeans

Carly attempts to flood her bulky adult diaper forcing it to leak into her jeans in this video. Carly is wearing a bulky adult diaper. As previously shown, these diapers can hold a lot of liquid! Still, Carly really needs to pee. She is wondering if she will be able to get the diaper to overflow into her jeans. We …

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Hdd Gallery 029

Photos- Adult Diaper in Bed

Carly shows off her adult diaper for you in this sexy bedroom photo set. Check out Carly as she models her thick, bulky, adult diaper. On her bed Carly gives us various poses in her diaper. She even takes her shirt off so we can see her in nothing else but the diaper. The images shown here are just some …

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Hdd 083

A Private Diaper Video

Join Carly in this extremely intimate private video. Carly is wearing nothing but an adult diaper as she makes this video for you. The video starts with Carly simply showing off her thick, bulky diaper, but quickly progresses to Carly touching herself and getting horny. Soon Carly seems to forget she is making a video as she vigorously masturbates. Only …

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