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Hdd 116

Car Emergency

Riding in the car and desperate to pee Alisha has no choice but to pee in a pullup in this video. Alisha and Nikko are riding in the car and Alisha needs to pee. She is extremely desperate, but there is no where to stop. Nikko offers a solution though- It turns out that Nikko has a pullup in her …

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Hdd 115

Outdoors in Pullups

Join Nikko outside as she wears a pullup and pees in it in this video. Watch Nikko outside as she shows off her cute pullup. She needs to pee, and since she is wearing a pullup, she uses it. You get to watch as she pulls down her pants, showing her pullup, and pees in it. You can see her …

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Hdd 114

Nikko Gets Changed

Watch Nikko get her diaper changed in this video. Nikko is wearing a very wet diaper. As she says, she has peed in it six times. Soaked and at its limit, it is time to be changed. Alisha has Nikko lay down on the floor, on top of a clean changing pad. Alisha removes Nikko’s wet diaper and carefully wipes …

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Hdd 113

Introducing Nikko

We are extremely excited to introduce a brand new model to HD Diapers, Nikko Jordan. In this video we sit down with Nikko for an interview where she tells us a bit about herself and her interest in shooting videos with us. You get to listen to Nikko tell us about herself in her own words in this video. To …

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Hdd Gallery039

Photos- Pullup Bed Bondage

We think Alisha looks extremely cute in a pullup, and extremely cute while she is tied up. It stood to reason then that tying her up while in a pullup would be exceedingly cute. For this photo set we bring you Alisha, laying on the bed, wearing nothing but a pullup. She is trapped, her hands zip tied to the …

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Hdd 112

Getting Dressed

In this video we get to watch Alisha as she gets dressed, putting on a diaper in the process. Entering the room naked, Alisha walks over to her clothes and begins to get dressed. She puts on her panties first, then puts on her diaper over the top. Next she puts on her shorts before leaving.

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Hdd Gallery038

Photos- Tabbed Diaper

In this photo set Alisha shows off her tabbed diaper for the camera. Check out Alisha in these photos as she poses wearing a bulky adult diaper and a bra. This is a real diaper with tabs she is wearing- Not a pullup. We get several poses of Alisha in this photo set as she shows off her diaper from …

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Hdd 111

Pullup Bondage

Tied to the bed, Alisha pees in her pullup in this video. We join Alisha as she is tied to the bed, wearing nothing but a pullup style diaper. It is clear she is desperate to pee. We get to watch as she frantically squirms around, trying not to pee in her diaper. After a while she can’t hold it …

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Hdd 110

Leaky Pullup Desperation

Check out Alisha in this video as she dances around in her pullup, desperate to pee. Unable to hold it any longer she goes in her pullup, but it overflows. In this video you get to watch Alisha as she wears a pullup. It is a cute pullup made for children who wet the bed. Watching Alisha it is clear …

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Hdd Gallery037

Photos- Well Padded Diaper

Check out Alisha in this photo set as she poses in nothing but a bulky, well padded, tabbed diaper. Many of you have been requesting more content with Alisha in a traditional tabbed style diaper. We are happy to oblige. In this photo set Alisha poses for the camera wearing nothing but an extremely absorbent diaper. The images shown here …

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