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Hdd 129

Outdoors in a Diaper

We head outside with Alisha in this video as she pees in her bulky adult diaper. The outline of Alisha’s diaper is clearly visible under her sweat pants. Still, she takes the time to pull down her pants and show off her diaper a bit. She then proceeds to pee in her diaper. The large, bulky adult diaper is more …

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Hdd 128

Overflow in Jeans

Sosha suffers a major pull-up overflow in this video. We join Sosha as she is absolutely bursting to pee. She is only wearing a pull-up and jeans though, and expresses concern about how well a pull-up will handle everything. Still, she loves the feeling of a warm wet diaper. Even though she is concerned about leaks, she decides to release …

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Hdd 127

Riding With Alisha

In this video we ride with Alisha in the car as she needs to pee. She shares a very helpful strategy with us for how she handles needing the bathroom while on a drive. Hint: It involves wearing a diaper. We get to watch Alisha in the car as she needs to pee. She talks about wearing a diaper and …

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Hdd 126

Sexy River Diaper

Check out Sosha as she shows of her diaper in this stunningly beautiful video. It is the first time the sun has come out all winter. Sosha takes advantage of the clear weather to enjoy some time outdoors by the river. Watching all that flowing water has a tendency to make Sosha need to pee, so she wears a diaper …

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Hdd 1251

On the Floor

Watch Alisha has she has some serious fun in her pull-up in this video. We join Alisha as she lays on the floor wearing a pull-up style diaper and a black top. Wearing diapers makes Alisha incredibly horny. In this video we get to watch as Alisha masturbates in her pull-up. The camera moves around for various angles and close …

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Hdd 124

Overflowing Pullup

Pull-ups look really cute on Alisha, but they aren’t always the most absorbent. In this video Alisha’s pull-up has a major overflow soaking her pants. We put Alisha’s pull-up to a test in this video. Waiting until she was completely desperate to pee she let it all go at once in her pull-up style diaper. The diaper couldn’t keep up …

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Hdd Gallery043

Photos- Diaper Waistband

In this photo set Sosha isn’t exactly showing off her diaper, but she is obviously wearing a very cushy diaper under her jeans. Sosha poses for the camera in these pictures. Her diaper is a bit too big to be entirely concealed by her pants though. The waistband of her diaper is clearly showing above her jeans. Still, she is …

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Hdd 123

Public Bathroom Change

Watch Alisha change her pull-up in a public bathroom in this video. In a previous video we got to watch as Alisha peed in her pull-up style diaper in a public bathroom. Now, with a wet diaper on it is time to change. As we watch she takes off her wet diaper and puts on a nice clean, dry pull-up. …

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Hdd 122

Changing POV

See what it is like to change Alisha’s diaper in this first person point-of-view video. For this video we had our production assistant change Alisha’s diaper with a camera strapped to her head. The result is this first person perspective, giving you a front row seat for what it is like to change Alisha. 15 second preview:

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Hdd Gallery042

Photos- Showing Off Her Pull-up

In this lovely photo set with Alisha she is proud to show off her pull-up. We start off this photo set with Alisha posing in her pull-up style diaper and a black sleeveless shirt. As we move through the pictures she takes her top off. Eventually we end up with Alisha wearing absolutely nothing but her diaper, and she looks …

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