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Hdd 071

Accident in Public

Unable to hold it, Alisha wets her diaper in public. Sosha and Alisha are out for a walk. Alisha is wearing a pull-up under her jeans as an emergency backup. Just in case she can’t find a bathroom. It is a good thing she is wearing it, because she needs to pee and there is no bathroom in sight. Sosha …

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Hdd 070

Dishes in a Diaper

In this video you get to watch Sosha do the dishes in a pull-up. Yes. That is right. This is simply a video of Sosha doing a normal household chore. Only instead of being dressed normally, she is wearing nothing but a pull-up. As she does the dishes the camera gives us multiple shots, including some very nice close ups. …

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Hdd 069

Diaper Dance

It’s a dance party in diapers! Alisha, Carly and Sosha show of their sexy dance moves for the camera in this video. Of course, they are all wearing diapers. Check out the video and see who you think the best dancer is.

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Hdd Gallery 024

Photos- Tank Top and a Pull-Up

Sosha is back for another sexy photo set in her pull-up. This time she gives us a bunch of pictures showing off her pull-up for the camera in her bathroom mirror. We get to check her out as she poses for us, wearing only a green tank top and her pull-up. The images shown here are just some of the …

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Hdd 068

Bath in a Diaper

Silly Sosha! You’re supposed to take your diaper off before you get in the bath! Sosha absolutely loves the feeling of a heavy, saturated diaper. That is why she thought it would be fun to take a bath with her diaper on. Join Sosha in the tub in this video. She bathes while wearing her pull-up. Using a waterproof camera, …

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Hdd 067

Overflowing Pull-Up

We’ve done diaper leaking videos before, but you keep asking for more. So here you go- Another diaper overflow video. This time Sosha completely saturates her pull-up and soaks her pants in the process. The video starts out with Sosha, desperate to pee, wearing a pull-up and pants. She expects the diaper is going to leak, but she probably wasn’t …

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Hdd 066

Peeing and Masturbating

Sosha loves her pull-ups. She also loves to do all sorts of things in her pull-ups, like peeing and masturbating. This video has it all. You get to check out the very beautiful Sosha as she hangs out in her bedroom. Fully aware she is on camera she pees in her pull-up while we watch. Now, wearing a wet and …

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Hdd Gallery024

Photos- Alisha’s Yellow Diaper

Alisha’s diaper is completely soaked in this photo set. In this series of photos we are treated to Alisha wearing an adult diaper. It is clear from how bulky and saggy the diaper appears that it must be completely saturated. Alisha confirms this when she takes the diaper off. She holds up the diaper for the camera and it is …

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Hdd 065

Bed Wetter

It is the wee early hours of the morning. Sosha suddenly notices something isn’t right. She is surprised to discover she has peed in her bed. Disgusted with herself for having a night time accident she climbs out of bed revealing a huge wet circle on her sheets. We get to watch as she changes the sheets on her bed. …

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Hdd 064

Changing Her Own Diaper

We peek at Sosha as she changes her own diaper in this video. As we join Sosha, she is in the bathroom wearing a tank top and a wet pull-up. As we watch she takes off her saturated diaper and throws it away. The camera zooms in as she grabs some wipes and cleans herself. Next she applies some baby …

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