Driving With a Diaper

Long car trips can be torture on the bladder.  Few things are worse than being on the road, desperate to pee, and have nowhere to stop.  Plus, it is a safety issue-  How can you concentrate on the road when you are doing your best not to have an accident in your pants?

Sosha has faced this very situation many times, and has come up with a simple solution- Wear a diaper.  This way, she doesn’t have to struggle with a full a bladder or finding a place to stop and is able to pay attention the road in front of her.

In this video we join Sosha in the car, as she is driving and wearing a pullup style diaper.  After explaining some of the issues involved in driving while desperate, she shares with us that she is, in fact, using her diaper right now.  Even though she just peed, the diaper does its job, concealing any evidence that she just wet herself.

Concerned that the diaper might leak and get her car seat wet, she decides to pull over and change herself.  Getting out of the car, she takes off her wet pullup and shows it to the camera.  We can clearly see that she did actually pee in it.  She puts on a new diaper, then her pants, before getting back in the car and driving off.

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