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Hdd Gallery045

Photos- Nikko Pullup Selfies

Nikko has delivered us some truly amazing selfies in this photo set. We gave Nikko a camera and asked her to take some pictures of herself in a diaper. She delivered these amazingly cute pullup pictures. Check her out in her super cute princess pullups as she poses for the camera. The images shown here are just some of the …

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Hdd 135

Nikko Changes Alisha’s Diaper

Nikko changes Alisha’s diaper in this video. Alisha is laying on the bed in a wet diaper when Nikko enters the room. Upon discovering that Alisha is in a wet diaper Nikko proceeds to change her. We get to watch as Nikko removes Alisha’s wet diaper, wipes Alisha clean, gives her a clean diaper and applies powder. 15 second preview:

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Hdd 134

Nikko Pees in Her Pullup

Watch as Nikko pees in her pullup until it starts to leak in this video. As the video starts we are treated to Nikko wearing absolutely nothing but a pullup style diaper. Then, standing in front of the camera, she proceeds to pee in her pullup. We can clearly see her diaper expand as it fills with pee, eventually overflowing …

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Hdd 133

Lesbian Fun in Pullups

We hop into bed with Alisha and Nikko in this video for some kinky lesbian fun in pullups! Alisha and Nikko get into bed together, wearing only their pullups, at the start of this video. Laying next to each other they begin to make out. It isn’t long before Alisha slides her hand into the front of Nikkos diaper and …

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Hdd Gallery044

Photos- Nikko and Alisha in Pull-ups

Nikko and Alisha pose together in their pull-ups for these photos. In this photo set we join Alisha and Nikko as they are both wearing pull-up style diapers. They pose together for the camera, showing off their diapers, and looking very cute. The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image set. They are presented here …

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Hdd 132

Changing Nikko POV

This point-of-view video brings you into the middle of a diaper change with Nikko. We get to watch as Alisha changes Nikko’s diaper. We start with Nikko laying on the floor in a wet diaper. Alisha gathers up a clean diaper, wipes, and powder and proceeds to change her. The camera goes in for a close up as Alisha removes …

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Vid 131

Desperate Car Ride

Ride along in the car with Sosha in this video as she is extremely desperate to pee. Eventually she is forced to pee in a diaper to avoid wetting her pants. Sosha is in the car and extremely desperate to pee, but there is no where to stop. We get to watch as she frantically struggles to hold on, but …

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Hdd 130

Diapered Lecture

Wearing only a bra and adult diaper Sosha gives a lecture on plate tectonics. There really isn’t too much that can be said about this video beyond that. Enjoy! 15 second preview:

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Hdd 129

Outdoors in a Diaper

We head outside with Alisha in this video as she pees in her bulky adult diaper. The outline of Alisha’s diaper is clearly visible under her sweat pants. Still, she takes the time to pull down her pants and show off her diaper a bit. She then proceeds to pee in her diaper. The large, bulky adult diaper is more …

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Hdd 128

Overflow in Jeans

Sosha suffers a major pull-up overflow in this video. We join Sosha as she is absolutely bursting to pee. She is only wearing a pull-up and jeans though, and expresses concern about how well a pull-up will handle everything. Still, she loves the feeling of a warm wet diaper. Even though she is concerned about leaks, she decides to release …

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