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Photos- Together in Pullups

Nikko and Alisha pose together and make out wearing only their pullups in these photos. Enjoy checking out Alisha and Nikko as they pose for the camera, looking super cute in their pullup style diapers. They flirt, make out, and generally look very sexy in these pictures. The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image …

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Hdd 166

Officer Makes Her Wear a Pullup

Officer Nikko makes her prisoner, Alisha, wear a pullup style diaper in this video. Alisha is chained up, desperate to pee. Nikko isn’t about to release her prisoner though, no matter how bad she need to pee. Eventually the inevitable happens- After a great deal of desperation, Alisha has an embarrassing wetting accident in her jeans. Nikko simply watches as …

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Hdd 165

Nurse Changes Cheerleader

Nikko, a cheerleader, wets her diaper at school. This is a regular occurrence for her. With her diaper saturated, she visits the school nurse, Alisha, to have her diaper changed. We get to watch in this video as Alisha changes Nikko’s wet diaper. Nikko enters, embarrassed, telling Alisha that she needs to be changed. At this point, Nikko’s changes have …

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Hdd 164

Your Questions

Alisha and Nikko sit down in front of the camera for a candid discussion about working as professional wetting and diaper fetish models. They address specific questions submitted by the community and talk about their own, personal experiences. This video also features clips from their past videos.

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Photos- Public Diapers

Sorry… Sosha isn’t quite brave enough to spend all day walking around town in only her diaper. These photos are from in our studio, taken on public backdrops. We wanted to capture the thrilling fantasy of going in in nothing but a diaper without actually getting arrested for it. We hope you enjoy these photos. Feel free to let us …

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Hdd 163

Caged Diaper Desperation

Alisha, being punished by Nikko, is locked in a cage wearing nothing but a diaper and forced to pee in it. Alisha has been a bad girl. Nikko told Alisha to go to the store, but Alisha didn’t do it. As punishment, Nikko has locked Alisha in a cage wearing only a diaper. Desperately needing to pee, Alisha begs Nikko …

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Hdd 162

Diapered Car Ride

Riding in the car, Sosha is desperate to pee! With no where to stop, the only solution she has is to put on a diaper. We get to watch Sosha as she rides in the car in this video. She is desperate to pee and miles from any place to stop. Lucky for her, she has a diaper in the …

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Hdd 161

Nikko Spanks Alisha

Alisha has been extremely naughty, peeing in her pants. That is why she is being spanked by Nikko in this video. Nikko is fed up with Alisha constantly wetting her pants. Angry at Alisha, Nikko has her tied up and spanks her in this video. After spanking her for a while, Nikko makes her wear a diaper. We get to …

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Hdd 160

Selfie Diaper Masturbation

Sosha records herself as she masturbates in her thick adult diaper. This video features the ever sexy Sosha. We join her in her bedroom as she lounges on the bed wearing only a t-shirt and a thick, well padded, adult diaper. Holding a small camera in one hand she records herself as she masturbates. Pleasuring herself in the diaper we …

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Hdd 158

Nikko in a Goodnight

Nikko intentionally pees in her Goodnite in this video. We get to watch Nikko wearing nothing but a Goodnite as she stands proudly in front of the camera. Talking directly to us, she proceeds to pee in her Goodnite as the camera zooms in for a close up. Once she is done peeing she takes off the wet diaper so …

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