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Hdd 150

Bound, Leaking, and Horny

Alisha is tied up, wearing a pullup, and needs to pee. Nikko, wearing sexy lingerie, is encouraging Nikko to pee in her diaper. Alisha needs to go so bad that it doesn’t take much to convince her. She releases into her pullup, which soon overflows into her khaki pants. Alisha is embarrassed, but Nikko does her best to comfort her. …

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Hdd 149

Lost Bet

Nikko is likely regretting ever having entered into a bet with Alisha. After loosing the bet, Nikko is stuck on diaper duty for the next two weeks. This means Nikko has to take care of all Alisha’s diaper changes and take the dirty diapers out to the trash. In this video we get a glimpse into the consequences of Nikko’s …

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Hdd 148

Changing Alisha’s Wet Diaper

Nikko changes Alisha’s soaked diaper in this video. We get to watch Nikko change Alisha’s wet diaper. Alisha lays on the changing table as Nikko carefully removes her soaked diaper. She then wipes her clean and puts her in a dry diaper.

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Hdd 147

The Cheerleader’s Secret

Alisha, a cheerleader, has an embarrassing secret- She wears diapers. We join Alisha immediately after cheer practice, where she has wet her diaper. Not being particularly skilled at changing herself, she visits the school nurse, Nikko, to be changed. Alisha is a bet ashamed that she wet her diaper, but Nikko promises not to tell anyone. We get to watch …

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Hdd 146

Spanked for Diaper Wetting

Nikko spanks Alisha for wetting her diaper and lying about it in this video. As we join the girls, Alisha is tied up, wearing only a diaper. Nikko is wearing a bra and panties. Alisha’s diaper is obviously wet and Nikko is asking her about it, but Alisha insists that it is dry. Not believing her, Nikko pulls off Alisha’s …

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Hdd 145

Nikko Doesn’t Need a Diaper

Alisha and Nikko are watching television when Alisha suggests that perhaps Nikko should put on a diaper. Nikko has a history of wetting herself, and Alisha is concerned that she may pee on the chair. Nikko protests, insisting that she is a “big girl” and doesn’t need a diaper. After a bit of debate, Alisha at least gets Nikko to …

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Hdd 144

Panties Under Diaper

For this video we thought it would be fun to have Nikko wear panties under her diaper when she pees. We start out with Nikko standing naked in front of the camera. She then puts on her panties, then a pullup style diaper over them. Next she pees through her panties into the pullup until the diaper begins to leak. …

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Hdd 143

Nikko’s Discovery

Nikko discovers that Alisha is wearing a pullup under her clothes and it makes her incredibly horny. Nikko joins Alisha on the bed and takes off her shirt, proud to show Alisha her brand new tan. Since Nikko is topless, it is only fair that Alisha takes off her shirt as well. This leads to making out and touching. In …

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Hdd 142

Alisha Bound in a Diaper

Tied to a chair Alisha has no choice but to pee in her diaper as Nikko tickles and teases her. In this video we get to watch Alisha, tied to a chair, wearing a bulky adult diaper and t-shirt. She badly needs to pee and Nikko isn’t helping. Nikko is teasing Alisha, tickling her and pressing on her bladder. Alisha …

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Hdd Gallery046

Photos- Private Pullup Pictures

In this photo set Alisha shares some of her private selfies of her wearing a pullup. Alisha is looking extremely cute in these pictures. Photographing herself in a pullup she delivers some amazing close ups. We get to see her pullup from almost every angle imaginable. These images, photographed by Alisha herself, maintain a very intimate feel. The images shown …

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