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Hdd 173

Nurse Makes Her Wear a Pullup

When Nikko visits the clinic, the nurse makes her wear a pullup style diaper after she wets her pants. Visiting the clinic for a simple check up, Nikko is attended to by nurse Alisha. While the nurse checks her vitals, Nikko expresses that she needs to pee. Alisha, busy, insists that Nikko waits just a couple minutes and then she …

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Hdd 172

Improper Prisoner Treatment

This isn’t the proper way to treat a prisoner! Officer Nikko has her prisoner, Alisha, chained up and wearing a diaper. Alisha is desperate to pee, much to the delight of Nikko. As Nikko watches, Alisha lets go, flooding her diaper. The diaper overflows, spilling down her leg and making a puddle on the floor. After having soaked her diaper, …

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Hdd Gallery051

Photos- Nikko in a Thick Tabbed Diaper

Nikko is happy to show off her diaper for the camera in these photos. She is wearing nothing but a large, thick, tabbed diaper. Wearing only this, she shows off and poses for the camera. The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image set. They are presented here for sample purposes only. There are many …

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Hdd 171

Alisha Gets Changed by Nikko

Just what you would expect from the title- Alisha gets her diaper changed by Nikko in this video. We get to watch as Alisha, laying on the changing table, has her saturated tabbed diaper removed by Nikko. Once the wet diaper is off, Nikko proceeds to very carefully clean Alisha with baby wipes. Next Alisha gets put into a clean, …

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Hdd 170

Nikko Bound in Chains

Nikko is chained up, wearing only a pullup, as Alisha tickles her, trying to make her pee. We get to watch as Nikko squirms, desperate to pee, but unable to free herself. She is at Alisha’s mercy as she is tickled. Finally, Nikko can’t hold on any longer- She lets go, soaking her diaper. We can see the diaper fill …

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Hdd Gallery050

Photos- Posing in a Pull-On Diaper

Alisha poses for the camera, showing off her pull-on style diaper. During the photo session she takes her shirt off, so we also get to enjoy several topless pictures as she shows off in nothing put her diaper. The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image set. They are presented here for sample purposes only. …

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Hdd 169

Cheerleader Gets Spanked

Nikko, a cheerleader, gets spanked by her sexy head mistress when she fails to wear a diaper like she is supposed to. It seems Nikko has a history of having wetting accidents at school. Therefor, she is supposed to be wearing a diaper. On this particular day, however, she shows up with panties on. Not wearing a diaper like she …

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Hdd 168

Arrested in a Diaper

Alisha gets arrested for trespassing. To make matters worse, she is humiliated when the officer discovers that she is wearing a diaper. Wearing a wet diaper, Alisha needs to pee. She is in desperate need of a change, so is searching for a bathroom to clean herself up. It is then that a police officer suddenly approaches. Alisha, it seems, …

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Hdd 167

Changing Nikko’s Soaked Diaper

Nikko’s diaper is soaked! It is time for a change. In this video we get to watch as Alisha changes Nikko’s soaking wet diaper. First she helps Nikko out of the old diaper, wipes her clean, then puts on fresh baby powder and a new diaper.

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Hdd Gallery049

Photos- Together in Pullups

Nikko and Alisha pose together and make out wearing only their pullups in these photos. Enjoy checking out Alisha and Nikko as they pose for the camera, looking super cute in their pullup style diapers. They flirt, make out, and generally look very sexy in these pictures. The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image …

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