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Hdd 206

Diaper Bondage in the Forest

We find Alisha handcuffed to a tree, desperate to pee, in this video. Luckily, she is wearing a pull-on style diaper. With her hands bound behind her back, Alisha is unable to pull down her diaper to pee on the ground. Not wanting to be stuck wearing a wet diaper, Alisha tries to hold it. No one comes to her …

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Hdd 205

Hiking in a Pullup

Nature hikes are wonderful, but can be problematic if you are girl and need to pee. Without any facilities, women must choose between trying to hold it, or risk getting caught relieving themselves in the open. In this video we see that Alisha has devised an innovative solution to this problem- She wears a pullup while hiking. Proud of her …

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Hdd 034

Diapered for Bedwetting

A night time accident motivates Sosha to start wearing diapers in this video. Alisha and Sosha are sleeping in bed together when something wakes Alisha up. The bed is soaked. It is clear why the bed is wet, Sosha has had an accident in her sleep. Alisha wakes Sosha and alerts her to what has happened. Sosha is very embarrassed …

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Hdd 204

Rubbing in a Cloth Diaper

Watch Alisha as she gives herself an orgasm while wearing a cloth diaper in this video. We join Alisha as she lays on the bed in her cloth diaper. Horny, she rubs herself, leaving her diaper on, as we watch. Eventually, she managed to achieve orgasm, then relaxes on the bed.

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Hdd 203

Around Town

Join Alisha for a walk around town in this sexy and cute video. We find Alisha wearing a cute, pullup style, diaper at the start of this video. Her diaper is mostly hidden by her black leggings, but she shows it off a bit for the camera. Embarrassingly, a bicyclist happens to ride by as she is showing off her …

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Hdd 202

Trying Cloth Diapers

You’ve seen the girls of HD Diapers wet in pull ups, thick adult undergarments, and very cute tabbed diapers. Now check out Alisha as she tries wetting in cloth diapers for the first time. Concerned that the cloth diaper by itself, with no plastic pants, might leak, we went outside for this video. Standing in a beautiful forest setting wearing …

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Hdd 018

Lesbian Diaper Fun

Two hot girls making out and touching each other in very naughty places while wearing diapers is what you get in this video. Alisha and Sosha star in this sexy lesbian diaper video. You get to see both girls, wearing only pull ups, in bed together and having a lot of fun. The video is completely uninterrupted and unedited as …

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Hdd 023

Leaky Diaper Accident

This video features Alisha who has to pee bad, like really really bad! As the video starts out the lovely Alisha is very desperate to pee. She is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, no diaper. Badly needing to empty her bladder she grabs a diaper and puts it on. Then she puts her jeans back on over the diaper. Once …

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Hdd 047

Diapered Three Way

This video is a HD Wetting classic, brought back as a featured video. Featured videos represent some of our best work! Alright, this video is pretty hot! You get to see Carly, Sosha and Alisha in bed together wearing nothing but their diapers. The video opens with the girls getting into bed together and putting on their diapers. Once they …

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Hdd 201

Spanked for Wetting Her Diaper

After wetting her diaper, Sosha lies about it to Nikko. When Nikko discovers that Sosha lied, she spanks Sosha as punishment. The video starts with Sosha only wearing a diaper, which Nikko suspects is wet. However, when Nikko asks Sosha if she is wet, Sosha insists that she isn’t. Not entirely believing Sosha, Nikko checks the diaper to discover that …

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