Testing Training Pants

We find Sosha out in the forest in this video, wearing Goodnites training pants under her clothes.  Her plan? To intentionally pee in the training pants and see how good of job they do at containing it.

There are many things Sosha loves about Goodnites- They are cute, thin, discreet, and fit her well.  And, they are fun to pee in.  Unfortunately, she has discovered that when she really needs to pee, they aren’t quite up to the task.  In the past, she has had problems with them leaking, resulting in embarrassing wet patches on her pants.

Recently, Sosha has seen advertisements suggesting that Goodnites have been improved and are now more reliable.  Eager to try them, she heads out into a secluded part of the forest, with no one around, just in case there are any leaks.

Her bladder full, she lets it all go.  Quickly, the training pants fill up, and then, they leak. A wet patch appears between her legs, and another wet spot as it starts to spill out the side of the diaper.  It seems as if, despite the improvements, they still aren’t able to take the load from Sosha’s bladder when she is completely full.

After she is done peeing, she takes off her wet pants and diaper to inspect the damage.  She does believe that the diaper did soak up a bit more than in the past, it feels heavier, and the leaks weren’t quite as substantial.  Still, it isn’t enough to compete with a proper adult diaper.  Goodnites will have to be left to fun time at home, they aren’t reliable enough for her to wear in public.

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