Will Her Pull-Up Leak?

Wetting in a pull-up style diaper that is made for children is always a dangerous proposition. After all, it really isn’t meant to absorb an entire bladder full from an adult.  So, whenever Sosha pees in her pull-up, the danger of it overflowing and leaking into her pants is always present.  Despite this threat, Sosha absolutely loves pull-ups because they are cute and she feels good wearing them.

In this video we find Sosha in the forest.  She needs to pee, and just so happens to be wearing a pull-up style diaper, so of course she pees in it.  Her warm pee feels wonderful as it fills up her diaper, but, spoiler alert, it does overflow.  As her diaper reaches capacity, it can’t absorb anymore.  Small streams escape around the leg bands of the diaper and soak into her jeans.  The damage isn’t too noticeable from the front, but from behind we can definitely make out the telltale wet patch on her thighs.

After she is done peeing she notices that she leaked, but doesn’t care that much.  She pulls her pants down a bit to show off her now soaked diaper.  We can clearly see that the diaper is absolutely saturated.  After showing it to the camera, she takes it off, holding it up so we can see just how wet it is, before saying goodbye.

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