Alisha Bound in a Diaper

Tied to a chair Alisha has no choice but to pee in her diaper as Nikko tickles and teases her.

In this video we get to watch Alisha, tied to a chair, wearing a bulky adult diaper and t-shirt. She badly needs to pee and Nikko isn’t helping. Nikko is teasing Alisha, tickling her and pressing on her bladder.

Alisha squirms around trying to free herself and resisting the urge to pee. It doesn’t do any good though, she is stuck. As Nikko rubs Alisha’s diaper it suddenly grows warm. Nikko can feel Alisha peeing in her diaper.

Nikko reacts with joy, but Alisha is embarrassed. Nikko continues to tease her for peeing in her diaper. Threatening to spank Alisha for wetting her diaper Nikko leaves the room to let Alisha soak in her wet diaper for a while.