Alisha Demonstrates Her Diaper

In this sexy diaper video, Alisha shows off her plain white pull-on, before intentionally peeing in it.  Once all warm and wet she gets turned on and masturbates in front of our camera.

We get to check out Alisha in a cute pull-on style diaper in this kinky scene.  At first, we join her fully clothed, wearing a black shirt and jeans.  However, it isn’t long before she takes off her pants, revealing her plain white diaper underneath.  Needing to pee, she is more than happy to wet her diaper as we watch.

The diaper does leak a little bit, as she shows us in the video.  She isn’t too bothered by this fact though.  In fact, the warm wet sensation against her pussy has left her fully aroused.  So, we get to watch as she pleasures herself.