Alisha Gets Changed

Alisha has her pull-up changed by Sosha in this video.

The video starts with Alisha lounging on the sofa wearing nothing but her pull up. Sosha comes into the room and notice’s that Alisha’s pull-up looks extra bulky, as if it has been used. Sosha asks Alisha if she wet her pull-up. Alisha admits she has, but she is too lazy to change it herself. Sosha ends up changing Alisha’s pull-up for her.

Sosha removes Alisha’s soaked pull-up, but then realizes she doesn’t have any wipes to clean Alisha with. So she improvises by licking Alisha’s sensitive bits clean with her tongue. Once Alisha has been thoroughly cleaned by Sosha’s mouth Sosha helps Alisha into a clean, fresh pull-up.