Alisha Lost a Bet

After losing a bet, Alisha must put on a pull-on style diaper and pee in it, all on video.

Alisha is a little bit grumpy in this video because she lost a bet with Sosha.  There was a disagreement over how much cookie dough Alisha was capable of eating, a bet was made, and Alisha lost.  Now it is time for her to pay up; According to the terms of the bet, Alisha must put on a diaper and pee on it, all while being recorded on video.

We get to watch as Alisha removes her pants and then puts on the diaper.  Then, as she pees in it, we get to watch from an extreme close up.  From this tight shot, we can clearly see her diaper fill with pee, as it slightly changes color and grows heavy with the weight of the liquid.

Once Alisha is done peeing Sosha makes her show off the wet diaper.  Alisha turns around, so we can observe the wet diaper from behind, and then pulls down the diaper a bit in front so we can get a glimpse of the inside.  Finally, with the conditions of the bet satisfied, Alisha grumpily marches off.

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