Alisha Overflows Her Pull-On

Check out Alisha has she does a massive pee in her diaper after a three hour holding session, completely flooding it, causing it to overflow into her jeans.

In this video we find Alisha wearing a purple t-shirt and jeans.  As she explains, she has been holding it for a while, more than three hours, and really needs to pee.  Instead of going to the toilet, she thinks it would be more fun to pee in her pull-on style diaper.

Unfastening her pants, she shows off her diaper for us briefly, and then lets go.  After holding for three hours, she pees an impressive amount.  Soon the diaper overflows, spilling over the back and leaking out around the leg cuffs.  Her jeans are soon soaked.

Once she is done peeing, she takes off her wet jeans and diaper to show off the damage.  The entire back of her jeans are soaked, as well as a sizable wet patch on the front where it leaked around her legs.  Her diaper is completely saturated, swollen and tinted yellow with her urine.  She takes it off and holds it up to the camera letting us see just how much she peed in it.  After we get a chance to check out her wet diaper, she says goodbye and heads off to clean herself up.

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