Back Seat Potty Emergency

Desperate to pee in the car, with no place to stop, Alisha’s only chance at relief comes in the form of a diaper in this cute, potty emergency video.

Alisha is riding in the back seat of the car and needs to pee.  She asks Sosha, who is driving, to try and find a place to stop.  Sosha, however, has a difficult time believing that Alisha really needs to pee that bad already.  It seems like they just stopped a little bit ago so that Alisha could pee.  After pleading with Sosha for several minutes, crossing her legs, and frantically holding herself, Alisha finally manages to convince Sosha that this really is an emergency and that she can’t hold on any longer.

Finally believing Alisha’s situation is dire, Sosha reveals there might be an emergency diaper hidden under the seat.  Wasting no time at all, Alisha quickly grabs the pull-on style diaper and puts it on.  Finally, she has relief.  After she pees, she is content to sit in the wet diaper for the remainder of the car ride.

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