Bathroom Occupied

Sosha needs to pee, but Alisha is using the bathroom. Unable to hold it any longer Sosha is forced to wet her diaper.

The video opens with Sosha rapidly walking up to the bathroom door only to discover it is locked. She knocks on the door and learns that Alisha is presently occupying the bathroom. Desperate to pee, Sosha begs Alisha to hurry. Alisha seems to be in no hurry and Sosha is becoming more and more desperate to use the toilet.

Sosha is frantic, but Alisha reminds Sosha that she is wearing a diaper. Of course! Sosha had forgot she had put on a pull-up earlier. Having been reminded that she is wearing a diaper she relaxes, letting herself go to the bathroom in her pants. Unfortunately the diaper leaked a little bit.