Bed Wetting and Diapers

Even adults can wet the bed sometimes, as Alisha discovers in this video.

It is very early in the morning when Alisha discovers that she has wet the bed.  With her pajamas soaked, she tries to quietly get up without waking Sosha on the top bunk.  The bed is very squeaky, however, and Sosha wakes to discover what has happened.  For a brief period, Alisha tries to deny that she peed in the bed, but eventually admits that she must have drunk too much water that evening and is very embarrassed.

Sosha comforts Alisha, confessing that she too sometimes wets the bed.  She goes on to show Alisha how she wears an adult pull-on style diaper to bed, just in case.  Showing off her diaper to Alisha, Alisha admits that it isn’t a bad idea.  It just so happens that Sosha has a spare diaper which she offers to her friend.  Alisha changes into the diaper, and the two work together to strip the wet sheets from the bed.

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