Bedwetting Vlog – Part 1

Uh oh!  It seems Alisha has wet her bed.  Good thing she was wearing a diaper, or her sheets and mattress would have got all wet!

Being a chronic bed wetter, Alisha typically will wear a diaper to bed.  In this scene she wakes to discover that her diaper is all wet.  It seems that she had a bit of an accident while she was resting.  Instead of immediately getting out of bed to clean up, however, she grabs her phone to shoot this video and share her embarrassing mishap with us.

In the video Alisha shows us her wet diaper, feeling at it with her hands.  She even goes as far as pulling it down a bit so we can see how soaked it is from the inside.  Ultimately, she decides that she wants to stay in bed a bit longer, so she pulls her diaper back up and says goodbye.