Begging For It

Locked in a cage, naked and desperate to pee, Nikko begs Alisha for a diaper so that she can relieve herself in this video.

We start out this video with Nikko, naked and locked in a cage. She is desperate to pee. Alisha, who is standing outside the cage, offers Nikko a pullup so that she can relieve herself. At first, Nikko refuses the pullup. She insists that she is a big girl and that she can hold it. Diapers, she says, are for babies and she isn’t going to put it on.

After being locked in the cage for a while, she begins to change her mind. She is so desperate to pee she is willing to do anything, even use a pullup. Reluctantly, she asks Alisha for the diaper. For a while Alisha refuses to give it to her. Instead, Alisha makes Nikko beg for the pullup.

At first Alisha keeps the diaper from Nikko, but after having a bit of fun she gives in and hands it over. Nikko quickly puts the pullup on, then uses it. Now soaked, she takes the pullup off and throws it at Alisha. Upset at having a wet diaper thrown at her, Alisha walks away, leaving Nikko locked in the cage.