Bound Gagged and Diapered

Alisha is bound in the basement, gagged, and ordered to pee in a diaper in this thrilling, diaper dungeon video.

As the video starts we find Alisha wearing only a plain white pull on style diaper.  She is in a dark basement, with her hands cuffed to an overhead pipe, unable to escape.  Wearing a sexy dominatrix outfit, Sosha enters the scene.  Getting right in Alisha’s face, she starts to demand that Alisha pees in her diaper.  Humiliated, Alisha initially refuses Sosha’s demands, but after threats of punishment gives in.  Trapped in the basement, with Sosha watching, Alisha pees in her diaper.

Sosha is happy that she made her slave piss herself.  Leaving Alisha tied up, she takes off her wet diaper and holds it up, making Alisha look at how much she peed.  Then, tossing the diaper aside, she goes down on Alisha.  Naked, and with her hands still cuffed to the overhead pipe, Alisha is moved to a state of ecstasy as Sosha expertly and vigorously demonstrates her skills of oral stimulation.  After Alisha cums, Sosha makes her say thank you, before passionately kissing her goodbye and leaving her chained up in the basement.

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