Bound in a Cloth Diaper

Bound, wearing only a cloth diaper and desperate to pee, Alisha is left with no choice but to wet herself in this video.

We start this video with Alisha bound in a dark room.  She is trapped, her hands cuffed around a support post, wearing only a tiny cloth diaper, and she is clearly desperate to pee.  Sosha, wearing a sexy black dominatrix outfit, enters the scene.

Sosha is intent on humiliating Alisha and causing Alisha to wet her diaper.  Calling her a diaper baby, Sosha mocks Alisha relentlessly while tickling her and pushing on her bladder.  Alisha grows more and more desperate until finally she can’t hold on any longer.  She pees in her tiny cloth diaper, which quickly soaks through, spilling onto the floor.

Standing a puddle of her own making, wearing only a soaked diaper, Alisha is humiliated, but relieved.  Sosha offers to give Alisha an orgasm, but only if Alisha first admits that she is a diaper baby.  Sheepishly, Alisha says the words that Sosha wants to hear, “I am a diaper baby.”  Satisfied with this admission, Sosha helps Alisha out of her diaper and goes down on her.  It doesn’t take long for Alisha to climax.  Pleased with the job she did, Sosha walks off, leaving Alisha bound, naked, standing in a puddle, with a wet diaper on the floor.

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