Bound in a Pull-On

It is another sexy bondage video from HD Diapers!  In this scene, Alisha is bound wearing a pull-on style diaper and ordered to pee in it.

We find Alisha at the start of this video with her hands cuffed and chained to two support beams.  She is wearing a t-shirt and a cute pull-on style diaper. Playing the role of a punishing dominatrix, Sosha enters the scene and explains to Alisha that she has to wear the diaper as punishment for her past wetting accidents.  Further, she demands that Alisha go pee in the pull-on as additional punishment.  At first, Alisha resists but eventually succumbs to Sosha’s demands.

After Alisha wets her pull-on, Sosha rips it off her and holds it up to her face, making her look at what she did.  Then, tossing the diaper aside, Sosha goes down on Alisha.  Sosha expertly performs oral sex on Alisha, bringing her to orgasm in only a few minutes.  Satisfied with what she has accomplished, Sosha walks off, leaving Alisha bound and bottomless.

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