Bound to a Tree in a Diaper

Tied to a tree in a diaper, and desperate to pee, Alisha wets herself after Sosha tickles her relentlessly.

In this video we find Alisha tied to a tree in the middle of the forest.  She is wearing a black shirt and a thick, tabbed, adult diaper.  And, desperate to pee, she is tickled relentlessly by Sosha.  Even though Alisha is wearing a diaper, she does her best to hold on.  Unable to escape, her only options seem to be to try to continue to hold on, or to pee in her diaper.

Sosha wants Alisha to go in her diaper.  Embarrassed, Alisha resists wetting herself, and struggles to hold on.  In an attempt to make Alisha pee, Sosha tickles her without mercy.  The entire time Alisha pleads to be let go so that she doesn’t wet herself.  Her please fall on deaf ears.  The more she begs, the more Sosha tickles her.

Finally, Alisha looses it- After struggling to hold in, she pees in her diaper as Sosha watches.  Once she is done peeing, Sosha reaches down and feels her squishy wet diaper.  While Alisha is still tied up, Sosha pulls off her wet diaper, exposing her pussy.  Sosha inspects the wet diaper before tossing it away, and leaving, with Alisha left still bound to the tree.

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