Caged Diaper Desperation

Alisha, being punished by Nikko, is locked in a cage wearing nothing but a diaper and forced to pee in it.

Alisha has been a bad girl. Nikko told Alisha to go to the store, but Alisha didn’t do it. As punishment, Nikko has locked Alisha in a cage wearing only a diaper. Desperately needing to pee, Alisha begs Nikko to let her go. Nikko refuses to free Alisha until she pees in her diaper.

For a while Alisha, despite being desperate, refuses to pee in her diaper. Finally, the pressure from her bladder is too much. As Nikko feels her diaper, Alisha pees. After Alisha has finished peeing Nikko keeps her promise and lets Alisha out.