Camping Diaper Change

This video takes us camping with Sosha and Alisha.  When Alisha discovers that she has soaked her diaper, she enlists Sosha’s help to get changed and cleaned.

Not wanting to leave the tent in the middle of the night if she needs to pee, Alisha opted to wear a diaper to bed.  Some time during the night, however, she wakes to discover that her diaper is so soaked it has leaked a little bit, getting her shirt wet.  It is obvious that she needs to be changed right away.

Alisha alerts a very groggy Sosha to her predicament, begging Sosha to help her change.  Sosha agrees to help, and change’s Alisha’s soaking wet diaper.  First, she helps Alisha out of the soaked, tabbed diaper, then wipes her clean.  She then proceeds to put a fresh, dry diaper on Alisha.  Once Alisha’s fresh diaper is securely fastened they lay back down and go to bed.

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