Carly Changes Sosha

Carly is relaxing, reading on the sofa, when Sosha sits down next to her. Sheepishly, Sosha confesses that she has a wet diaper and requests Carly’s assistance in changing it. Carly is happy to help Sosha out and proceeds to change her diaper.

The camera moves around and gives us some exquisite close up shots as Carly changes Sosha’s diaper. Carefully Carly slides down Sosha’s pants revealing her pull-up. She proceeds to pull down the wet pull-up and lovingly wipes Sosha clean with baby wipes.

Still, Carly believes Sosha could be even cleaner. With Sosha now not wearing anything blow the waist, Carly uses her mouth to make sure that Sosha is thoroughly and completely clean. Carly takes things a bit far though. Well past the point where Sosha is as clean as she can get, Carly keeps going. Sosha doesn’t complain though. Before long Sosha has an orgasm from the experience.

The video concludes with both girls cuddling on the sofa together.