Caught With a Leaky Diaper

While hiking with Alisha, Sosha’s diaper leaks, resulting in a visible wet spot on her shorts.  When Alisha notices the wet spot, Sosha is left with no choice but to admit that she sometimes wears and uses diapers.

In this video we join Sosha and Alisha on a hike through a scenic forest.  At one point in the hike, Alisha notices a suspicious wet patch on the back of Sosha’s shorts.  She asks Sosha about it, who tries to explain that she must of sat on something wet.  Alisha isn’t convinced by this story- Just a few minutes ago Sosha’s shorts were dry, and now they are wet.  She knows that Sosha hasn’t sat down.

Suspecting that Sosha isn’t telling the truth, Alisha demands to know the real reason that Sosha is wet.  Unable to think of a convincing lie, Sosha admits the truth- Sometimes she wears, and wets diapers.  She explains that she didn’t want to have to stop and pee during the hike, so she wore a diaper and that she has already peed in it three times.  The final time, it must of leaked.

Alisha can’t believe what she is hearing.  She pulls down Sosha’s shorts to see for herself if she is really wearing a diaper.  It turns out, that Sosha was telling the truth.  She is indeed wearing a diaper, and it is soaked.  Alisha checks out Sosha’s wet diaper while they discuss it, then decide they have done enough hiking for the day and start heading back.

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