Changing a Cheerleader

What do you do with a cheerleader in a wet diaper?  Well, if your Sosha, you help her out of the diaper before going down on her.

At the start of this video we find Alisha relaxing on her bed, playing with her phone.  She is wearing her cheerleader uniform and a thick, tabbed, adult diaper.  Sosha enters the room and, suspecting that Alisha may have wet her diaper, asks Alisha if she is wet.  At first Alisha tries to lie and say that her diaper is dry, but Sosha insists on checking and quickly discovers Alisha’s diaper is soaked.

Upon discovering that Alisha’s diaper is indeed wet, Sosha insists on changing her.  We get to watch as Sosha carefully helps Alisha out of her wet diaper.  She holds the diaper up, giving the camera a clear view of how wet it is.  However, at this point, things take a turn- Instead of putting a fresh, clean diaper on Alisha, Sosha does something else.  Aroused, Sosha decided to perform oral sex on Alisha, instead of put her in a clean diaper.

Tossing Alisha’s wet diaper aside, Sosha positions herself between Alisha’s legs proceeds to expertly pleasure Alisha with her tongue.  The look of Ecstasy is clear on Alisha’s face as Sosha eats her out.  After Alisha climaxes, both girls lay down and snuggle together in bed.

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