Changing Alisha on the Floor

When Sosha discovers that Alisha has a wet diaper, she has Alisha lay down on the living room floor to change her in this video.

Alisha is busy working on her tablet when Sosha comes in to check if she is wet.  At first, Alisha denies peeing, but once Sosha checks her diaper and feels how squishy it is Alisha admits that she may have tinkled just a little bit.  To Sosha, it seems that Alisha has wet her diaper more than just a small amount, so she has Alisha lay down on the floor to be changed.

The camera moves overhead as Sosha proceeds to change her friend.  First helping Alisha out of the wet diaper, before wiping her clean.  Once Alisha is all cleaned up, Sosha applies powder, followed by a clean, dry diaper.  With Alisha now freshly changed, they head off to get a snack.

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