Changing Alisha’s Wet Diaper

Alisha gets her wet diaper changed in this video, but she isn’t too happy about it.

We join Alisha laying on her bed, happily playing with a toy while wearing a pull-on style diaper.  Sosha comes into the bedroom to check on Alisha before she goes to work.  Upon checking Alisha’s diaper, Sosha discovers that it is wet.  Sosha insists on changing Alisha, putting her into a thicker, tabbed diaper.  Alisha protests- She doesn’t want a big bulky diaper and wants to keep wearing a pull-on.  Sosha, however, remains firm.  She refused to leave Alisha home all day in only a pull-on, afraid that Alisha’s diaper will spill over.

Alisha relents and allows Sosha to change her diaper, though she is obviously grumpy about it.  We get to watch as Sosha removes Alisha’s wet diaper, carefully cleans her, and then securely fastens her into a thicker, tabbed diaper.  Once she is back in a clean, dry diaper, Alisha goes back to playing and Sosha heads off to work.

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