Desperate While Camping

Alisha and Olivia make out as Alisha fingers Olivia in her wet diaper.

While camping with Alisha, Olivia wakes up at night needing to pee.  Instead of going with her to the bathroom, Alisha offers Olivia a diaper to use.

It is the middle of the night and Olivia badly needs to pee, but she is scared to leave the tent and head out into the wilderness at night on her own.  She wakes up Alisha, begging her to come with, but Alisha is warm and cozy and doesn’t want to get up.  Olivia’s situation is dire, though, so Alisha lets her in on a secret- She wears a diaper when camping to avoid these kinds of situation.  Desperate for any kind of relief, Olivia happily borrows a diaper from Alisha and uses it immediately.