Diaper Dungeon

Chained up in the dungeon we find Nikko, only wearing a diaper, and desperate to pee.

In this video we head into the dungeon with Nikko and Sosha. Nikko is desperate to pee. She is chained to a hook in the ceiling, only wearing a thick, tabbed diaper. Desperate to pee, Nikko is humiliated to be in such a situation.

Sosha is taking pleasure in Nikko’s predicament. Tickling and teasing Nikko, Sosha is eager to try to get her friend to pee in her diaper. After much tickling, Sosha finally succeeds- Nikko pees into the thick, absorbent material. The diaper ends up leaking a bit, making a small puddle on the floor. Sosha is absolutely delighted and rubs Nikko’s wet diaper for a bit before taking it off her. She ends up leaving Nikko chained up, completely nude, standing in her puddle.