Diaper Under Tight Jeans

Wearing a diaper under her tight jeans, Sosha intentionally wets it, causing it to leak, in this video.

We join Sosha at the start of this video out in the forest.  She is wearing a coat and tight blue jeans.  Pulling down her pants a bit, she reveals that they are concealing a thickly padded diaper.  Feeling naughty, she takes some time showing off her diaper to the camera.  Teasingly she gives us different views of the diaper and squeezes it to show how think the padding is.

Now that we have got a good look at her diaper, she proceeds to pee in it.  With her back to the camera, and pants around her knees, we get a close up shot from behind as she lets go, wetting her diaper.  Slowly, we can see the diaper expand and droop as it grows wet and heavy with her urine.  At one point, a small stream escapes from the leg cuff of her diaper and runs down her leg, wetting her jeans a bit.

After she is done peeing she plays a bit with the soaking wet diaper.  Pushing on it and squeezing it, she enjoys the warm, wet, squishy feeling.  Ultimately, she takes off the diaper and holds it up to the camera, allowing us to appreciate how wet it is.  There is hardly any dry spot to be found inside the diaper.  Finally she pulls up her jeans, giving us a good look at the wet patch caused by the diaper leak.

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