Diaper Wetting Close Up

Watch Sosha pee in her diaper as the camera moves so close the lens gets splattered with left over drops.

This video gives you an awesome close up view of the gorgeous Sosha pissing in her diaper. Sosha pulls down her diaper in front giving you a clear view of her pussy. You can clearly see everything as the hot urine forcefully shots from her body into the diaper. The camera is so close a few drops even land on the lens.

Once she is done peeing she observes how the diaper leaked a little bit, but she thinks that might be just because of how she was holding it down in front. She pulls up the diaper snug against her as she inspects her puddle and…. WOW! She stops mid sentence. The warm, wet diaper feels so good between her legs she forgets what she is doing and takes a moment to enjoy the way it feels. You get to see her rub herself a bit through the diaper, thoroughly enjoying the sensation.