Diapered on the Phone

Sosha is on the phone, talking with her friend, when she encounters a small problem.

In this video we get to watch as Sosha is having a phone conversation with her friend. There is a problem though- Sosha needs to pee. She is afraid if she goes to the bathroom, her friend will be able to hear her using the toilet.

Sosha is caught in a difficult situation. She is desperate to pee, on the verge of wetting her pants. She doesn’t want to prematurely terminate the conversation with her friend, but also doesn’t want to risk having her friend hear her as she uses the toilet. The solution- to use a diaper.

As we watch Sosha quickly removes her pants and panties before putting on a pullup. As soon as it is on Sosha suddenly looks very relaxed and relieved. Her frantic dancing and holding stops. Comfortable, Sosha relaxes on the sofa and continues the conversation.

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