Eva Demonstrates her Diaper

Eva shows you how she uses her diaper in this video.

This video starts out with Eva, wearing only a bra, holding a diaper and talking about her diaper wearing habit. As we watch she explains how she uses her diaper and demonstrates for us. We get to watch as she puts on her diaper and pees in it for us. Once she is done peeing she takes her diaper off and shows how wet it is.

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  1. KJayy says:

    Hey, just figured I'd tell ya great idea and website but I wanted to offer some feedback and it's up to you after that of what to do or not. I this site and everything you're doing is great but I think you'll do a lot better if you show the diaper actually being used such as watching your diapers being soaked and becoming wet and used. The reason I say this is because with doing so it's more of a turn on to most and more importantly it shows that you are for real and not pretending which many become annoyed with and turn the other way. As far as pictures and everything else though it seems to do fairly decent and I think you'll end up going pretty far over time. Anyway either way you do it good luck on your website! :D

    • TVGuy says:

      Thank you very much for the suggestion. Obviously we are just getting started with this site and we hope to be able to provide a huge variety of different kinds of diaper themed videos.

      Showing the diaper getting used is pretty difficult. On our other site, HD Wetting, is is pretty easy to see when a girl is peeing in her pants. With a diaper though it is not nearly as obvious. In many of these videos the girl is using her diaper, but it is very hard to tell. We have done videos like this one > https://hd-diapers.com/?p=23 that make it obvious the diaper is getting peed in. Besides that though, it is a challenging thing to show.

      Any suggestions you might have on how to film diaper wetting so that it is more obvious would be very welcome.

      • pamperjohn says:

        do u have videos of girls wearing pampers size six.what about videos of girls wearing pampers underjams? I know this web site call .they have real girls wearing real baby diapers.are these girls very tiny?

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