Filling Her Diaper With Pee

This fun diaper wetting video features Sosha Belle doing what she does best- Peeing in her diaper.

Wearing a thick, tabbed, adult diaper, Sosha doesn’t hesitate before peeing in it; releasing the contents of her extremely full bladder into the absorbent material.  As she pees, she doesn’t hold back a single drop.  As she lets it all go, we can visibly see the diaper fill with pee and start to sag under the weight of all the fluid.

After she is done peeing she takes some time to relish in the sensation of the full diaper.  Rubbing the diaper, and putting her hand inside, she clearly enjoys the wet sensation and the naughtiness of what she has just done.  Turned on by the experience, she chooses to pleasure herself, all the while wearing the diaper she just peed in.

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