Filling Her Diaper With Pee

In a glorious close up shot, we can clearly see Sosha’s diaper fill up with pee as she intentionally wets her thick adult diaper.

We join Sosha in this video as she is getting ready to wet her diaper.  Talking directly to the camera, she shares the anticipation she is feeling.  She takes off her pants, revealing her diaper, and shows it off for the camera.

After briefly showing off her diaper, the camera zooms in for a close up as she pees.  We can clearly see the white diaper change color and expand as it fills with her urine.  After she is done peeing, she takes some time to enjoy the warm, wet diaper.  Squeezing it to feel how squishy it is, she continues to show off the saturated diaper to the camera.

Finally, she takes off the wet diaper and holds it up.  Removing the diaper reveals just how soaked it is.  Holding the diaper up to the camera, we can clearly see that it is absolutely saturated.  She completely let go in it, filling it up.

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