First Time in a Goodnite

Watch Lyra pee in a Goodnite for the first time since she was a child in this cute diaper wetting video.

Lyra is featured in this video as she pees in her Goodnite.  Starting out nude, she talks about how this will be her first time ever peeing in a pull-on style diaper as an adult.  As we watch, she steps into the diaper, then pulls on leggings over it.  It is still possible to see the diaper through the thin fabric of the leggings, though.

Then, standing directly in front of the camera, she pees.  At first all seems well, but since it is only a Goodnite and she has an adult sized bladder, it soon starts to leak.  A stream escapes from the leg of the diaper and wets her leggings, extending down her leg to the floor. After she is done peeing she takes off her wet leggings and diaper to show them off to the camera.

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