Frisked in a Diaper

Alisha has a fetish for diapers. Often, she enjoys wearing secretly wearing adult diapers or pullups under her clothes when she goes out. Of course, this is a huge secret for Alisha. One of her biggest fears is someone finding out about her fetish.

In this video, Alisha’s fear is realized when she gets pulled over by a police officer while wearing a diaper. She is wearing a pullup under her pants when she gets pulled over, but she is still afraid that the officer will notice the extra padding. Nervous about possibly being found out, she ends up acting suspicious. This causes the female officer to make her get out of the car and search her. It is then that her worst fear is realized, the officer, upon frisking her, discovers that she is wearing a diaper.

Things take an unexpected turn when the officer admits that she too is into diapers. In fact, the officer tells Alisha that she thinks Alisha is extremely sexy wearing a pullup. Instantly, Alisha’s nightmare scenario turns into a dream come true. Taking advantage of the situation, Alisha is able to arouse the officer, ultimately going down on her.

At the end of the video, Alisha gets to drive off, avoiding a traffic ticket, and enjoying diapers more than ever.