Hiking in a Pullup

Nature hikes are wonderful, but can be problematic if you are girl and need to pee. Without any facilities, women must choose between trying to hold it, or risk getting caught relieving themselves in the open.

In this video we see that Alisha has devised an innovative solution to this problem- She wears a pullup while hiking. Proud of her problem solving ingenuity, Alisha happily shows us her pullup style diaper, touting its benefits for female hikers. She even goes so far as to demonstrate how she uses the diaper for us. Unfortunately, she pees a bit too much. Her pullup leaks, wetting her shorts. It looks like her plan could use some revisions.

After soaking her pullup she takes off her wet shorts and diaper, showing them off for the camera. Despite leaking, she still feels good about her diaper idea and had fun making the video.