How to Get Views

In the foreground Olivia holds up the diaper that Lola just peed in, while in the background Lola looks upset, as she stands bottomless and tied up.

Unhappy with the number of views her videos have been getting, Olivia concocts a plan to increase viewership.  Her plan involves tying Lola up and making her pee in a diaper.

Olivia wants more views for her videos, and she has a plan on how to get them.  Her plan is to tie up her friend, Lola, wearing only a bra and pull-on style diaper.  Then, while tied up, she’ll tickle Lola until Lola has an accident, peeing in her diaper while being filmed.  Despite Lola’s humiliation and objections, she agrees to go along with Olivia’s plan.  They succeed in filming the video, but will it get more views for Olivia?