How to Turn Lyra On

Lyra admits her secret diaper fetish to Sosha, who then goes on to pee in a diaper, in this kinky video.

Lyra is sitting on the sofa, reading a book, completely content on a lazy afternoon.  Sosha, on the other hand, is extremely horny.  She wants to have some sexy fun with Lyra, but Lyra isn’t really into it.  Not wanting to just give up, Sosha tries to discover if Lyra has any secret kinks that might get her going.  Sosha asks Lyra about potential turn-ons, but Lyra doesn’t seem that interested in any of them.  Ready to give up, Sosha begs Lyra to please tell her if there is anything that really excites her.  Sheepishly Lyra admits there is one thing- Diapers.

Sosha is excited to discover Lyra’s secret diaper fetish, and more than happy to indulge her.  Fulfilling Lyra’s fantasy, Sosha slips into a pull-on style diaper and intentionally pees in it as Lyra watches.  After Sosha is done peeing, she allows an extremely aroused Lyra to touch her newly saturated diaper.

Now that Lyra has been successfully sexually excited, Sosha now gets to have her sexy fun.  Sosha takes off her wet diaper and joins Lyra on the sofa.  Lyra proceeds to go down on Sosha, who is obviously enjoying the experience.  Soon Sosha has a very loud orgasm, and the video comes to an end as the two friends snuggle together.

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