Leak Contest

Alisha and Sosha compete to see who can get their diaper to leak first in this video.

Both Sosha and Alisha are wearing pullups under their jeans. Sosha challenges Alisha to a contest- Who can manage to pee in their diaper so much that it overflows into their pants. Sosha even offers up $100 to Alisha if she wins.

Alisha agrees to the contest and both girls start to pee. Soon drops start raining down from Sosha’s pants. Sosha is the winner, but she keeps peeing. Even though she is wearing a diaper, Sosha manages to completely soak her jeans.

Sosha is the clear winner, so she gets to keep her $100. Alisha doesn’t mind too much though. After all, it was Sosha’s money to begin with. Alisha didn’t really loose anything and all that Sosha really managed to gain was a wet pair of jeans.