Leaking and Puddles

Sosha overflows her tabbed diaper, causing it to leak, then masturbates in this video.

One thing that Sosha enjoys is making her diapers leak.  Often she will wait until she needs to pee, until she can barely hold on, and then lets it all go at once.  Typically she has no problem making her pull-on style diapers leak, especially when she is extremely desperate.  The thick, tabbed diapers, however, are a bit more challenging.

In this video Sosha tries, and succeeds, at getting her thick tabbed diaper to leak.  Needing to pee extremely bad, sitting on the floor, she lets go in her diaper.  It quickly fills up, and a visible stream escapes along her leg making a puddle on the floor.

While still sitting in the puddle she made, she takes the diaper off.  We can see that even though it is mostly wet, she didn’t completely fill it up.  The leak was likely do to a small gap in the leg cuff, not because she exceeded the diaper’s capacity.  Still, wetting her diaper and making it leak has turned her on.  Without moving from her puddle on the floor, we get to watch her masturbate.  After she climaxes she says goodbye, and the video comes to an end.

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