Leaking in Leggings

Nikko absolutely loves to pee herself, be it in pants, panties, or in a diaper.  Her favorite location for naughty pee fun? The great outdoors.

In this video we find Nikko deep in the forest.  She is wearing a blue tank top and gray leggings.  Under her leggings, she has a secret- A pullup style diaper.  She has to pee really bad, so she is going to use the pullup, even though she thinks it may leak.  Diaper leaks, it turns out, don’t bother her. Nikko loves it when her diaper leaks and she can feel it overflow and run down her legs.

At first, the diaper seems to be doing its job admirably, but then we can see a few trickles start to appear on Nikko’s leggings.  Her pullup is leaking.  Soon dribbles are freely flowing through the gray fabric as her leggings become visibly wet.

Once she is done peeing, Nikko takes off her leggings and diaper to show off the damage.  Her light gray leggings are now dark with wetness, and the diaper is completely full.  Taking of the saturated diaper, she holds it up to the camera so that we can appreciate just how much she peed in it.

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