Leaking While Cleaning

Alisha is spending the day cleaning up around the house. Not wanting to have to deal with bathroom breaks, she decides to wear a diaper as she works. This way she can continue cleaning non-stop until the job is done.

We get to watch as Alisha vacuums the floor. She is wearing jeans and a short sleeve shirt, but we can see the waistband of a diaper poking out. There are a couple moments while she is cleaning that it looks like she may need to pee, but keeps on vacuuming anyway.

Then we start to see a wet trickle appear on her jeans. It quickly expands. She turns around and we can see that there is a sizable wet patch on both the front and back of her pants.

She then stops cleaning to remove her now soaked jeans. As she takes them off we get a nice look at her swollen, saturated diaper. The video ends as she leaves the room with her wet pants, presumably to put them in the wash.

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