Leaky Diaper Masturbation

This beautifully shot video features Sosha, looking more gorgeous than ever, peeing in her pull-on style diaper, making it leak, and then masturbating.

As the video starts we find Sosha standing in a fairly plain setting wearing only a bra and a cute pull-on style diaper. Sosha explains how she is currently badly needing to pee, so with very little lead up, she does so in her diaper.  The camera cuts to a close up as she pees, and if we watch closely we can see her diaper fill up and grow heavy as it becomes saturated.  Soon, a few droplets escape around her legs and fall to the floor.  The camera tilts down and we can see a small pee splatter around  her feet.

Once she is done peeing she takes a moment to relish in the sensation of the warm, wet, diaper.  Feeling it with her hands and squishing it against her, she savors the warmth and wetness, growing ever more aroused by the sensation.  She then takes off the diaper, revealing her cleanly shaved pussy and giving us a look at the diaper from the inside.  We can now fully appreciate just how much she peed in it- The diaper is soaked to capacity, truly unable to hold another drop.  Giggling as she holds up the soaked diaper, she gives it a squeeze, causing several trickles to spill over her hands and fall to the floor.

Now, wearing only her bra, and extremely horny, Sosha gives in to her arousal and starts to masturbate as we watch.  It is during this masturbation that the amazing videography on display here cannot be overstated. We are treated to exquisite shots of Sosha as she masturbates- Full body shots, close ups as she fingers her pussy, and close ups showing the expression on her face as she approaches climax. Finally she cums, and the video comes to an end.

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