Living Room Diaper Change

Watch Sosha get her wet diaper changed by Alisha in this completely uncensored changing video.

The video starts with Sosha relaxing comfortably on the sofa, reading a magazine, wearing only a pink t-shirt and a thick, tabbed, adult diaper.  Alisha enters the scene, greets Sosha, and feels her diaper to see if it is wet.  Upon feeling Sosha’s diaper it is absolutely clear to Alisha that Sosha needs to be changed.  The diaper is clearly very soaked and squishy.

Luckily there are diaper changing supplies nearby.  We get to watch as Alisha removes Sosha’s wet diaper.  As she pulls the dirty diaper off, we can see how wet it is.  Carefully Alisha sets the used diaper aside, wipes Sosha clean with baby wipes, puts powder on her, and finally puts her in a fresh, dry diaper.  With Sosha changed and secure in a clean diaper, she goes back to reading her magazine as Alisha walks away.

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