Lost Bet

Nikko is likely regretting ever having entered into a bet with Alisha. After loosing the bet, Nikko is stuck on diaper duty for the next two weeks. This means Nikko has to take care of all Alisha’s diaper changes and take the dirty diapers out to the trash.

In this video we get a glimpse into the consequences of Nikko’s lost bet. Nikko is taking a bag full of dirty diapers out the the trash when Alisha stops her, alerting her that she has a newly wet diaper to take care of. Frustrated, Nikko changes Alisha, putting her into a clean diaper.

Alisha then asks Nikko to go to the store and get some new diapers for her, letting her know that she will have another change to do when she gets back. Nikko realizes that this is going to be a very long two weeks.