Nap Time Wetting

Sosha wakes from a nap to discover that she had a little bit of a wet accident while she was snoozing.  Luckily she was wearing a pull-on style diaper which protected her, and the sofa, from getting wet.

In this video we find Sosha just as she is waking up after a nice, early morning nap.  As she wakes up, she discovers that she once again had an embarrassing wetting accident as she was sleeping.  Luckily, she was wearing a diaper.  She has had these kind of accidents before, so she was prepared.

Upon discovering that she has wet herself, she takes off her pants, revealing her wet diaper.  She checks to make sure that it hasn’t leaked, carefully feeling the sofa to make sure there is no wet spot.  Taking off the diaper, she inspects it to see how much she peed.  Finally, she heads off to clean herself and change into a dry diaper.

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