Nikko Bound in Chains

Nikko is chained up, wearing only a pullup, as Alisha tickles her, trying to make her pee.

We get to watch as Nikko squirms, desperate to pee, but unable to free herself. She is at Alisha’s mercy as she is tickled. Finally, Nikko can’t hold on any longer- She lets go, soaking her diaper. We can see the diaper fill up and change colors as she pees.

Alisha has fun squishing the soaked diaper and playing with it. Wanting to make the experience worthwhile for Nikko, Alisha puts her hand in Nikko’s diaper and fingers her. Still chained up, Nikko gets fingered by Alisha in her wet pullup. Finally, after having a very loud orgasm, Alisha unchains Nikko and lets her go.