Nikko Doesn’t Need a Diaper

Alisha and Nikko are watching television when Alisha suggests that perhaps Nikko should put on a diaper. Nikko has a history of wetting herself, and Alisha is concerned that she may pee on the chair. Nikko protests, insisting that she is a “big girl” and doesn’t need a diaper. After a bit of debate, Alisha at least gets Nikko to agree to sit on a pee pad.

It is a good thing that Nikko agreed to sit on the pad. Sure enough, after a little bit Nikko wets her pants. When Alisha checks Nikko to see if she is still dry she discovers Nikko had an accident.

Since Nikko couldn’t stay dry on her own, Alisha makes her put on a pullup. We get to watch as Nikko takes off her wet pants and puts on a pullup. She and Alisha then continue watching the TV show.