Nikko in a Bulky Diaper

In this video we find Nikko, in the woods, wearing only a very bulky diaper. We join her for a bit of fun, which involves her peeing in her diaper, masturbating, taking the diaper off, and finally having an orgasm.

We start out with a beautiful shot of Nikko in the forest wearing her diaper. She talks a little bit about what she intends to do, then gets right to it. The camera goes in for a close up as she pees, so we can see her diaper grow heavy and change color as it becomes soaked.

With the diaper now droopy, she sits down on the forest floor. The warm, wet diaper is making her very horny, so she begins to rub herself. After a little while, the diaper comes off and she continues to masturbate. This continues for a little while, until she finally has an orgasm. After recovering, she gets up, grabs her used diaper, and walks off.